Katy Guido


Hola everyone! 😀

Thanks for the visiting! 🙂

                  My name is Katy Guido. I am 22 years old

                  I am from Nicaragua, Central America.

                                                                            Come on, come in… You’re welcome…

Let me show you a few of things that I do on my free time…I make portraits, animals, anime or whatever across on my mind… Why not? 🙂

I learned to draw by myself, no school art, only some tips from others hehehe…

I usually use charcoal pencils, color pencils or ink.

(Click the image to see in high resolution  😉 )


I hope you like my artwork and it helps to give you inspiration.

Greetings mi gente 😀

If you liked it and you want to see more, search me and contact me via: