Buffalo Mosaic

Peacock Mosaic

Elaine Harris



Mona Lisa Mosaic

Lion Mosaic

Owl Mosaic

Panda Mosaic

Zebra Mosaic

Tiger Mosaic

Leopard Mosaic

Fox Mosaic

Elephant Mosaic

African Scene Mosaic



  I became interested in Glass Mosaic Art in 2016. As a young girl, I was always interested and curious about crafts. I remember spending many hours in my small bedroom, turning the glossy pages of my mother’s World Book Encyclopedia, captivated by the vibrant and colorful images of the world that appeared with the turn of each page.

   Today, I translate this fascination with colorful images into my glass mosaic pieces that reflect my love of color, animals, faces, and the detailed process of cutting and fitting glass to create realistic images that honor these lives.


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