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  My name is Beatrice Klaucke (b. 1989) I live and work in Loviisa, Finland. I’m specialized in animal paintings and pet portraits. Paintings are made from your own photograph to create a lifelong memory of your beloved pet. A painting is a much more personal way of capturing your pets spirit than a photograph is.

  I work with watercolour and by using the smallest brush I will make sure to get all the tiniest details of your loved one. Taking the right photo is very important, it has to have high quality, high resolution and preferably taken outside in natural daylight.

  You may wish to have a pet portrait or animal painting produced as an original piece of art or you may prefer to give a portrait as a gift. I ship paintings worldwide and I can also send you pictures throughout the process.

  Prices vary with size, and the amount of the pets in one art piece.

  As a guide, prices start at 150€ pet portrait (15x20cm/6”x8”) of a single subject, in watercolour with a plain background.

  If you are interested in comissioning a pet portrait or an animal painting, you can contact me on email:

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