Rodriguez Mungulirwa





   Hello my name is Rodriguez Mungulirwa and I am originally from Rwanda but have settled outside Goma. Life is a challenge here and there is no living to be made for the artist locally so I reach out globally. I share what I live and see in my region of Africa and wish to share images of our lives with you.


  I am a graphic and realistic style artist depicting the lives and stories of my people. My paintings comprise of books. I illustrated a book and film for Child Soldiers International to help create awareness of and help for child girl soldiers in my region. I also have created a graphic novel of the story of my life and picture story books about African life and currently seeking a publisher for these or as an illustrator. I am also seeking opportunities to show and sell my paintings internationally.


  Because of the remoteness of where I live there is a lack of internet connection and other necessary resources so I work with the assistance of my friend and acting agent, Jean Wilson in Detroit Michigan USA, who’s email and phone is listed as the contact.