Welcome To Artisan’s Atlas

“The Global Directory Of Local Artists”


   Artisan’s Atlas is a newly created website designed with the express purpose of gathering together the works and links of as many local artists as possible and providing them with some added exposure at minimal expense to them.

   Our international directory of local artists  provides potential buyers from anywhere in the world , with one stop , the ability to find the artist they desire whether they create right down the block or a hemisphere away. Our website is searchable by medium , name or geographic location .

  Those mediums include Painting of all types , Sculpture , Arts & Crafts , Mixed Media , Photography , Textiles , Jewelry , Drawing , Woodcrafting , Music , Ceramics and Pottery . Basically anything handmade .

  Upon signing up each artist gets their own editable page , indexed to their geographic location , on which they can feature the works of their choice in multiple different formats as well as contact info and links to their own websites if they have them .

  We will do no selling or collecting of fees or percentages . All sales of the artist’s works will be handled by the individual artists through their own contact info. Your monthly fee is all that is required for participation on this site .

  Stay tuned for further updates including our , faqs , rates and other Artisan’s Atlas news.

Questions/Inquiries: mail@artisansatlas.com




1)How much does membership in Artisan’s Atlas cost?

  Membership in the Artisan’s Atlas community costs $10 per month billed automatically to your credit card and is a recurring charge until cancelled by the user.

   Right now , for a limited time ,  we are offering free one-year memberships to all who sign up. No costs , no obligations , no fooling.

2)Is there a contract/minimum timeframe for membership?

  There is no minimum length of service requirement . The subscriber may cancel at any time. However , once canceled the artist’s work shall no longer appear on the site.

3)What is included in my monthly membership?

   For your minimal investment of $10 per month the artist receives their own page on the site which they can configure in any way that they please … limited only by the software running on the site. For example… The artist can provide any personal/biographical data that they choose to make public , they can upload up to 50 images of their work at any given time , they may provide links to their own website along with any other relevant data they deem worthwhile … awards received , scheduled appearances , etc.

4)What info do you recommend be included?

  We suggest that the artist include at the very least , their name , medium and a general physical location as the website is searchable via those categories . How specific the artist is regarding geographic location is entirely up to them , depending on their desire for privacy but we will say that the point of this site is to bring local artists more national/international visibility so being vague about location somewhat defeats the purpose.

5)What types of art/artists/artisans are eligible for membership?

   Artisan’s Atlas welcomes membership from adherents of all of the handmade arts whether that be painting , drawing , sculpture , ceramics , music , glassware , textiles , arts & crafts , mixed media and anything else that is hand-crafted and unique.

6)Is there any type of creative process specifically excluded from Artisan’s Atlas?

  At present we will not be hosting artists in the fields of the written word or cooking as those disciplines are already well represented elsewhere .

7)Does Artisan’s Atlas charge any fees or commissions?

   Since all selling of the artist’s creations are handled directly by the artist through their own chosen methods … personal website , phone or email. AA does not take part in the sales process nor collect any fees or commissions.

8)Should one decide to become a member , how does one join?

  You may sign up directly at our website by clicking on the “membership” tab and following the instructions.