Modern Art vs The Classics — 4 Comments

  1. I think that lots of the art that you decided to call “trashy”, like graffitti and such can be of quality. Do you know who Banksy is? He is an amazing graffiti artist, his art is evocative, but it is done so skillfully that it can be considered high quality regardless of the statement. Shocking arts have their uses too, regardless of what your own personal taste is. Alot of the art you have named is pretty to look at, but it is also superficial. If art is to reflect what humanity can do and create, does that mean that the only art of any worth can be superficial? I do agree that there should be some standards for what art is, but I don’t think that the only relevant art should be what people from the ancient world made, and I don’t think that that style is the only one that is valid. Some of the art you mentioned also had influences from other cultures, too. I can definitely see you disliking it because of your restrictive views. Opening up your mind to other influences is not a bad thing.

    • You are no doubt correct in some ways about quality and shock value but you are incorrect in crediting the term “trashy” to us here at Artisan’s Atlas. We did not create the video. We merely posted it for others to view.

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